At JMS Capital Management we know that the assets that our clients have entrusted with us is our top priority.  Because we are independent advisors we have access to an almost limitless range of investment choices for our clients without the conflicts inherent with offering proprietary products.  Our independence allows us to be investment agnostic – free to invest in what’s best for our clients.

Risk Management

The starting point of our investment strategy can be found in the following concept:

There are two types of losses:  A loss of capital and a loss of opportunity.  But, if you attempt to protect capital there may always be another opportunity.

At JMS Capital Management we realize that to build long-term wealth we must vigilantly control risk in the short-term.  We have a risk management strategy in place, which provides us with the discipline to decrease portfolio risk when we deem the corresponding expected returns to be insufficient given the level of risk, and vice versa.  
Proactive Asset Management

In our investment process we don’t just look at the traditional asset classes – stocks and bonds – we look at a much wider set of investment opportunities.  We identify investment themes we believe may be long term opportunities that we can take full advantage of in our portfolios.  As a result our portfolios do not mirror the traditional benchmarks because we are not content to ride the markets up and down with a high level of volatility.

Our focus on tactically changing our asset allocation within portfolios is a key factor in our client’s ability to build long-term wealth.